Over the years I have started and been involved in several (web) projects:

  • TibEd, software to modify and extend Real-time Strategy games (all Command & Conquer games from 1995-2008) with user-generated content.
  • VPatch, open-source software to create a small representation of the differences between an old and new version of a file. Only the difference (delta) needs to be distributed to upgrade the file. This software is part of the default installation in the popular NullSoft Installer System (NSIS).

I am also active as a researcher. Currently I work at Kepler Vision Technologies, a scale-up bringing AI to healthcare. Previously, I worked at Qualcomm Research Netherlands, and at University of Amsterdam (in PhD and post-doctoral positions) and at Euvision Technologies (as Researcher & Developer). The most important research topics are:

  • Selective Search (IJCV2013) for generating a limited set of bounding boxes for an image which are likely to contain objects. This is a useful technique for object localisation.
  • Color descriptor software (TPAMI2010) for object and scene category recognition. This includes GPU acceleration (CUDA).
  • FLAIR (CVPR2014) for fast, local area-independent recognition. This technique is useful for object localisation within an image.
  • Deep Learning for Visual Recognition.

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